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The Youth Theological Initiative is a summer academy for high school scholars that engages them in theological education with a liberative pedagogy. We believe that young people are yearning for a robust theology that does not glaze over difficult theological concept, like why a "Good God" let's bad things happen, the traditional theodicy problem. Young people can grapple with these difficult concepts and deepen their faith.

I have served as the Art Coordinator for the last 2 years at this academic academy that lasts 3 weeks through the end of June and early July. This has been a vocationally fulfilling and wonderfully sleep deprived time. I have found that I can lead people in creative practice as an essential part of leading a spiritual life.

I am excited to serve again this year. We recently had our retreat for staff. I wanted to take them through a process similar to what the scholars experience in the creative devotion.

Here’s what we created together in community!


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