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Re-Storying with Self Portraits

I heard about a method of self portraiture developed by Joe King with Paint Love where the artists draw simple line drawings of each other on glass with paint! I thought, “what a great idea!” So I wanted to be sure to give credit for this ingenious work!

At the United Methodist Children’s Home we have been working on a monthly basis using the visual narrative pastoral care model to tell our stories. Having come through the foster care system these young folks know how to tell the story of their traumas, but through telling our histories in many different visual ways we can begin to understand our stories surpassing simply the negative moments and encompassing all the positives and who we were made to be as children of God. This is a process which is known in pastoral theory as “re-storying,” and it is invaluable for people who have been through trauma.

Drawing our simple portraits and making stamps of those drawings to create simple paintings allows us to see ourselves again and this is integral to the work of re-storying our lives.

Here are some photos from this awesome art evening.


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