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Easter 2018 at Park Avenue Baptist Church is a brand new day! This year's Resurrection day celebration was curated by Art in the Image. It was a full worship landscape transformation. The new faux stained glass screens made from shiny polyester fabric in warm tones juxtaposed with a soft purple created the backdrop of the ambiance of Easter. The image looks like a sunrise bursting out of the background. These screens measure 5'x3', 6'x3' and the middle one reaches 7'x3. They are the perfect item to create an ambiance of worship.

The PABC worship landscaping by Art in the Image includes new liturgical banners in Eastertide whites and golds. White and gold traditionally represent the new beginning of resurrection and in the context of Park Avenue's Easter celebration the beginning of a "Brand New Day." The appliquee style banners measure 24"x90" and reinforce the sunburst imagery.

Finally the alter included brightly colored paper flowers in the warm tones of a beautiful sunrise. On this Easter Sunday the church shared in a "feast style" communion celebration. The flowers cover the alter with new life and colorful reminders of the "Brand New Day."

This colorful transition was great for this Easter celebration. Art in the Image can consult on these types of transformations in your space as well.


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