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In preparing for the New Baptist Covenant Summit in Atlanta, GA on September 18-19, Executive Director of New Baptist Covenant Hannah McMahan and I tried to imagine what could make a big impact in the large space of conference rooms at the Marriott Marquis. Our goal is to create a reverent atmosphere in a conference space which can appear more corporate. We decided to make large banners that reflect light like stained glass windows, but are made of fabric! I’m calling them “faux-stained glass” banners!

They are made out of black vinyl and colorful nylon! The shape of the windows within are significant as well. The arching lines crisscross and bend around forming the shape of parabolas. A parabola, or two lines on a path that infinitely never intersect can be representative of the position of humans and God. In the places where the lines get close have been called the “thin places,” where God is near.

With 50 hours of work these 5 banners measure 7’x3′ in the center with two 6’x3′ and 5’x3′ banners on either side.


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