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Quiet Day Retreat on October 24, 2016 was truly a moving experience. Liz Byrd organized this great event with Stone Mountain First United Methodist and the lead pastor, Ellen Shepard. Ellen and Liz are talented pastors and creative beings and they wanted to share this experience with some in their congregation. This beautiful group of people came together for this mini-retreat and pushed themselves outside of their comfort zone to become visual artists.

Creative God is within us all! Moving from a self-image as, “not creative,” to making art and attempting creativity can be the shift in our spiritual lives. This could be the movement that we have been searching for. Art-making is key to re-imagining the world in God’s vision. Practicing imagination is so important and it can be rejuvenating and a great tool to make retreat count.

This group really took this on and you could tell that God was present in the space. I am so grateful to have been a part of it!


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