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On Friday, March 24, 2017 Art in the Image gave a session at the CBF of Georgia’s Spring Assembly at Vineville Baptist in Macon. Thank you so much to Baptist Women in Ministry (BWIM) and Sarah Murray for asking me to do this seminar.

In sessions like this I like to use art-making for beginners in a model of creative devotion. We use mixed media and photography to represent their experience. The goal for these sessions is to begin to make art if one is not accustomed to this visual type of  devotion. Making art together creates a bond and can open people up to the Spirit in new ways.

BWIM wanted people to be able to bring home a souvenir from this session. The BWIM focus for this Spring Assembly is “Upcycled: Using Our Past to Create Our Future.”  Because of this theme we decided to create a large scale piece of art together and then create mixed media canvas and photograph pieces on boards.

We took the large canvas and broke it up; therefore we experienced the healing capacity and community building of making art together and then were able to take home a portion that moved us with color and form.

This was a great event! Again I would like to thank BWIM for this opportunity!


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