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Updated: Nov 5, 2018

On September 15 I graphic recorded the service at Cannon Chapel. Dr. Beth Corrie asked me to graphic record the service, while she preached. I was so honored to be asked by Dr. Corrie, who discovered my work over the summer during the Youth Theological Initiative. This is a program for young adults to have a seminary like experience while still in high school. Dr. Corrie created a new position for me as the arts coordinator. In this role I facilitate arts across the entire three weeks, in worship, daily devotion and in responding the academic coursework.

Graphic recording is a way to engage the sermon and the lesson with visual and graphic mapping of the ideas in the sermon and the whole service. I am happy to be learning this useful technique because this culture is very visual and it engages the congregation in many different ways.

So about the service on Thursday, September 15 with Dr. Corrie at Cannon Chapel....

The lectionary text for the day was

What an amazing message by Dr. Corrie!! She is very engaged in social justice and looks at the text with a unique perspective. Instead of condemning the dishonest manager, she suggested we should be thankful for him. The master and the manager – both- benefit from a corrupt system, but the manager discounts and reduces the debt. The message is that in many ways we all hold privilege, and so the challenge is how do we undermine the system and create ways for those who are marginalized. The hope is that this type of subversion is shown by example in the parables of Jesus and we need to follow this model.


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