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Created to Create centers around a cohort of five to eight individuals interested in developing their theological and practical understanding of art ministry. This 9 month long program starting in December 2018, led by me, Rev. Darci Jaret, will expose participants to creative thinkers and innovators, theologians, financial planners and career coaches, all while facilitating each participant's individual creative process and providing opportunities to lead others in communal art making. At the end of this process, participants will leave with a clearer understanding of their own vocational calling as an art minister, a portfolio of work, and the experience of leading groups of people in communal art making as worship, pastoral care, and spiritual development. Created to Create is accessible to seminary students with no formal artistic training and artists with no formal theological training.

Creative Conversations serve to broaden the reach of the program beyond the cohort to the community. We have partnered with AIJCast that seeks to “explore the connections between the artist and their art, their sources of and hopes for inspiration, and how it all tries to make the world a better place." Creative Conversations also connects art and the many inspirations and outcomes through these four poignant conversations.

Creative Conversations are scheduled:

  • February 2 - Art as Spiritual Awakening featuring:

  • April 13 - Art for Social Change featuring:

Carlton Mackey & Sean Saifa Wall

  • June 1 - Art for Transformation featuring:

Okorie Johnson & Tammy Harper

  • September 7 - Art as Resistance featuring:

Michael Wortham & Jessica Caldas


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