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Updated: Nov 5, 2018

I am so excited to be able to work with Fearless Dialogues and one of my most beloved professors at Candler School of Theology- Dr. Gregory Ellison, III. I created 15 pieces of art collage journals that will be used in a fearless dialogues workshop in Tennessee.

The journal designs will be an initial prompt for reflection that Dr. Ellison will use during the retreat. The sessions will be reflecting on the life, witness, and work of Howard Thurman.  

I heard from Dr. Ellison that Barbara Brown Taylor was very interested in one of my journals! If you are out there Barbara – let me know and i’ll make one special for you!

The dominant themes for the conference are: 

  • vocation and discernment

  • education and mysticism

  • worship and community building

  • prophetic service and global change

I created these pieces with 48 hrs notice- only for Dr. Ellison and Fearless Dialogues!

Here is the full collection:


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